A masters in construction management degree basically prepares an individual in management, coordination, and supervision of construction projects. It is a graduate level program aimed at providing students with leadership and management skills in the construction industry. The course involves building construction concepts which range from project development and design all the way to the timely completion of the construction project on a timely schedule and within a reasonable budget. A fully qualified construction manager should have the capacity to plan, direct, and manage every type of construction project including residential homes and commercial properties.

Educational requirements for a construction management masters degree
There are several academic requirements set by the American Council for Construction Education and other relevant bodies for one to be admitted in a construction management master’s degree. Some of the major prerequisites include completion of high school and at least one of the following:

• Associate degree normally completed in a year or two
• Bachelor’s degree which takes around four years
• Operations management engineer degree
• A degree in project management
• A master’s degree which takes around two years to complete
• A doctoral degree in a research based discipline.

In addition to having a first or second degree, applicants will also be required a mandatory on-job training evaluation. Applicants are advised to contact their chosen schools for further requirements on GPA and GRE scores because each college has its own specific requirements.

Basic coursework for the program

The program normally combines lectures and on-site lessons in various courses. Some of the major courses a student will have to complete successfully include construction engineering, construction safety, building materials, labor relations, law, and general construction management.

A construction management master’s degree is usually a prerequisite for one to enter into upper level managerial positions in the multi-billion dollar building and construction industry. It is however quite involving as students have to cover diverse topics including construction drawing, cost estimation methods, building materials, construction scheduling, as well as accounting and finance courses. Other integral topics in this program include legal issues in building and construction management, site management, and how to manage a construction business. Technological competency and the ability to work with different technological innovations have also emerged as necessary requirement in this master’s degree program.

Career options for holders of masters in construction management degrees
Having a master’s degree in construction management gives you the knowledge, skills, and qualifications needed to manage any construction project from its inception to completion. With the degree you can even manage and oversee successful completion of multiple projects at the same time. The degree elevates your level of employment since you are capable of supervising teams of workers and other low-level managers in the capacity of a construction manager, superintendant, or even project engineer. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected faster than average growth of jobs in this profession between the years 2006 and 2016 than the number of applicants.