The contemporary world has become a volatile place. Previously unthought-of actions such as the September 9/11 attacks and the 2004 Tsunami are just a few of the dangers that could cause gross harm to society. However, there are still other security issues that raise concern albeit at a lower magnitude including house fires, forest blazes, and road accidents among others. The UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) indicated in 2008 that storms account for 61.9% of disaster in the US with 50.1 % of the population affected by the phenomenon. If you are thinking of a career in disaster management or public safety, an emergency management degree is what you need. Moreover, these emergency degrees are also suitable for employed safety workers to enhance their skills.

Due to the increasing prevalence of these disasters, the global demand for professionals with the leadership credibility to handle the situations is on the rise. A degree in emergency management is tailor made to enable you manage, facilitate and coordinate disaster or accident scenes. The fact that a lot of chaos ensues during such operations causes unnecessary loss of life and property as people try to help while inadvertently they make the situation worse. Such a degree also imparts knowledge on planning for emergencies which is the core of disaster intervention. In addition, online emergency management degrees can help you to effectively analyze the risks, organize the assets and individuals available, tackle the emergency with the least damages possible and post-disaster recovery to ensure everything goes back to normal as fast as possible.

Though different institutions provide different programs, the benefits that you accrue as a professional safety expert are similar. If you are not yet working in the safety industry you will be gaining skills to enter one of the most important fields. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics emergency management professionals earn around $40,000 – $75,000 per year which in a stagnating economy is indicates the respect for the profession. The US department of Labor in 2009 indicated that this profession continues to grow by 20% which highlights its importance in society today. More importantly, the emergency management degrees give you a chance to move up the corporate ladder. For example, a public safety worker with such a degree can get a better paying job as an emergency manager in a private firm as the safety manager. The emergency skills taught also help you to become more effective in caring for yourself and the others in case of disaster which is the ultimate fulfillment of any professional.

There are many degree options to choose from when it comes to the degrees. You can take a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire and emergency management, homeland security, criminal justice, and public safety among others. If you are a working professional you can opt for a masters or PHD in various emergency management courses provided by different colleges. Online emergency management degrees have also become popular as they are convenient and cheaper especially for employed learners. All these courses enable you to become a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and with the US Bureau of Statistics reporting only 13,060 emergency management specialists in 2009, you can be sure your services will be highly in demand. With over 180 emergency management programs and over 100 colleges as indicated by FEMA in 2011, you cannot give any excuse not to progress in this field.